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Meditation - Parasympathetic Rejuvenation

(K.R.I. Level One Teacher Training Manual, pp. 204-205, Given by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., 11/2/78))

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose. Make the spine erect, straight and comfortable. Equalize the tension in the body so that both sides feel equal. Tuck the lower spine forward, but do not force it. Relax the arms and elbows.  

Focus: The eyes are closed, looking upwards into the third eye point. Visualize and sense the entire body simultaneously.

Breath: Focus on the flow of the breath. Let it become slow and meditative. Start with even deeper complete yogic breaths. Then let the breath gradually become lighter and more meditative. It should breathe itself once you fully concentrate and become still.

Mantra: The mantra for this meditation is the sound of the gong.

Mudra: Place the hands on the knees with the palms face down.

Time: Continue for 6 to 31 minutes.

End: Inhale, hold briefly, exhale and relax. (If the gong is played 11 minutes or longer, do not drink any water for a half hour after the meditation.)

Comments: As you listen to the gong’s sound, it will penetrate every cell and fiber of your body. At times it can seem frightening or overwhelming. Emotions and thoughts are provoked from the subconscious. The entire nervous system is put under a pressure to adjust and to heal itself. When that pressure builds, totally relax in the deepest meditation possible. Surrender the mind and body. The sound will carry you beyond all fears. The pressure will release the nervous system of many illnesses. Feel you ride the sound into the Infinite itself.

The parasympathetic nervous system is ruled by sound. The sympathetic nervous system is ruled by vision. It is the sympathetic system that needs to be regulated. When it triggers too often and in the wrong regions of the body you can be greatly weakened. The parasympathetic regulates the sympathetic, but it is weakened by drugs and by poor health. To regenerate the parasympathetic system, nothing is more powerful than the gong.

This meditation will clear the nerve endings and make you very sensitive to the motions of prana and to the effects of sound. The restriction on water if you listen to the gong for 11 minutes or longer allows the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems to interact with each other internally rather than turning their energy to another task.


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