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Meditation - Removing Fear of the Future

(Life Cycles & Life Styles, Level 2 Manual, p. 174)

This meditation clears the fear of the future and connects to the flow of life through the heart center.

Posture: Sit comfortably in easy pose (or in a chair with your spine straight).

Focus: Not indicated.

Mudra: Rest the back of the left hand in the palm of the right hand. The right thumb nestles in the palm of the left hand and the left thumb crosses it. The fingers of the right hand curve around the outside of the left hand and hold it gently. Holding your hands in this way will give you a peaceful, secure feeling.

Put this mudra at your Heart Center with the palm side resting against your chest. Meditate to your favorite version of Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru.

Time: Start with 11 minutes and slowly and gradually work up to 31 minutes of practice time.

To End: Inhale deeply and relax.

Comments: This meditation takes away your fears of the future which have been created by your subconscious memories of the past. It will force you to deal with your Heart Center.

The beauty in you is your spirit. The strength in you is your endurance. The intelligence in you is your vastness.” -- Yogi Bhajan

The crossed thumbs help neutralize your mind’s frantic calculations to avoid fear and pain. It is the calculations themselves that produce anxiety and get you out of touch with the resources of your intuition and your heart.” – Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Former Director of Training


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