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Meditation - Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

(Meditation as Medicine, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, pp. 273-274)

Posture: Sit in easy pose with light neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh). 

Focus: The eyes are fixed at the tip of the nose.

Mudra: The left hand is in Gyan Mudra resting on the left knee. The right hand uses the thumb and index (Jupiter) finger or little (Mercury) finger to block off the alternate nostrils.

Mantra: Wahe Guru (pronounced, “Wha-Hay-Guroo.”)

Breath: Block off your right nostril with your right thumb. All the other fingers are straight and pointed up. Breathe in through your left nostril, then relax your left hand on your left knee. As you hold your breath, mentally chant, “Wahe Guru” 16 times. Every time you repeat each word, pull in your navel point — once on Wha, once on Hay and once on Guru, for all the 16 times of the repetition of the mantra (for a total of 48 pumps). Then block off your left nostril with your right index finger and exhale slowly and deeply through your right nostril. Continue.

Time: Continue for 11-31 minutes. Master practitioners may extend this practice to 62 minutes, then to 1 ½ hours per day. If you are a beginner, you can start with 3 minutes and gradually build to 7, then 11 minutes and so on.

End: Inhale, hold the breath 5-15 seconds, then exhale. Stretch the arms up and shake every part of your body for 1 minute.

Comments: This is one of the greatest meditations you can practice. It has considerable transformational powers. The personal identity is rebuilt, giving the individual a new perspective on the Self. It retrains the mind. It can purify your past karma and the subconscious impulses that may block you from fulfilling you. It balances all the 27 facets of life and mental projection and gives you the pranic power of health and healing. It establishes inner happiness and a state of flow and ecstasy in life. It opens your inner universe to relate, co-create and complete the external universe.

To gain these benefits requires different efforts from different people. Each mind has stored up its own pile of negative thought and energy. So each pit is cleaned on its own time and scale. You decide how much time you have and you need to invest in this practice. (KRI Teacher Training Certification, Level 1 Manual, p. 380.)

In the Summer 2002 issue of Aquarian Times magazine, Yogi Bhajan stated that Sodarshan Chakra Kriya can remove impressions of past male partners in the female’s arc line.

Further, a recently published medical study showed it to be more effective than antidepressant medication in treating psychological issues. 11 minutes a day will build your confidence and capacity to know who you are; 31 minutes a day will give you great strength and discipline. One year will make you feel fantastic; 1,000 days of doing this meditation and no one will be able to match your strength. It helps inner happiness and ecstasy in life. It gives you a new start, against all odds. When external pressure becomes too great, it brings power from the inside. This meditation is said to be the most powerful kriya in the history of yoga. (Meditation as Medicine, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, pp. 273-274.)

“There is not time, no place, no space and no condition attached to this mantra. Each garbage pit has its own time to clear. If you are going to clean your own garbage, you can clean it as fast as you can, or as slowly as you want.”

Yogi Bhajan.


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