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Meditation - The Liberated Heart

Equanimity, Steadfastness & Immunity

(The Aquarian Teacher, p. 393.)

Posture: Sit in easy pose or in a chair with a straight spine with a light neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh) and root lock (Mulbandh). 

Focus: The eyes are focused at the tips of the thumbs.

Breath: Begin to inhale completely in 8 equal strokes. Then exhale in 8 equal strokes. One entire breath cycle (16 strokes) takes about 10 seconds.

Mantra: The only mantra for this meditation is the sound of the breath itself.

Mudra: Raise the hands up in front of the face with the palms facing forward. Curl the fingers so that the fingertips press onto the mounds at the base of the fingers. Extend the thumbs out from the hands and press the thumb tips together. The thumbs form a little arc at the level of the lips. The elbows are relaxed, down by the sides of the chest. The hands are held 6 to 8 inches in front of the face.

Time: Continue for 11-31 minutes.

End: Inhale deeply, hold the breath as long as comfortable, and then exhale. Inhale again and stretch the hands upward. Pull up the spine as you open and close the fists. Exhale. Repeat the last breath again. Relax.

Comments: The tips of the thumbs touch to form the arched look of a swan’s neck. This represents the inner grace and the dominance of the neutral mind and the sattva guna. You observe all that happens with no anger or enmity. The absence of these reactions makes all the energy of prana available to the direction of the mind. The mind has joined with its prana. Concentrate on the rhythm of the breath. The 8.8 rhythm will work on the connection between the Heart Chakra and the immune system. The hand position will give you strength.

This is not a beginner’s meditation. It should be practiced with respect and the time should be increased slowly, as your nerves adjust to the psychosomatic changes the meditation initiates.


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