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Meditation - To Find Your Core Personality

(Getting Rid of Multiple and Split Personalities)

January 12, 1994 


POSTURE: Sit with a straight spine. Place the elbows by your sides with the arms bent forearms up and perpendicular to the floor. Hands are approximately the same height as the ears, palms facing forward.

MUDRA: Put your thumb on the Mercury Mound (the pad below the little finger). The Jupiter and Saturn fingers are together and the Sun and Mercury finger are together with a separation in the middle (like the Star Trek Vulcan Salute).

MOVEMENT: Move both hands around in approximately 10 to 12 inch circles. Left hand moves counter clockwise and the right hand moves clockwise. The hands move three times a second and move so fast that your entire being moves. Make sure you keep the split in the fingers.

“Move fast and so much that both your butts move, that’s a requirement. These hands must control the entire weight of the body and you have to create that magnetic field, otherwise you’re just doing nothing. The hands and finger will start hurting and you would like to give up. And in spite of all that understanding, is that you will succeed. Faster. It has to be 180 circles per minute. That’s the speed requirement for best results. Your split personality and bi-personality will totally leave you.” 

EYES: Open and look straight, like you’re looking in a straight line. 

TIME: 9 minutes.


POSTURE: Sit with the spine straight, chin in and chest out. Put your hands at shoulder level. Place the right hand on top of the left hand, palms facing down. Balance your elbows absolutely straight, parallel to the ground. Sit absolutely calm, quiet and go steady.

EYES: Close your eyes. Roll them down and look at the chin.

MUSIC: Aquarian March (Ang Sung Wahe Guru by Nirinjan Kaur) is played in the background.

TIME: 12 Minutes.

“Steadiness is the rule of this meditation. Absolute, unshakeable, fully determined, with a sense to succeed, achieve. Don’t let your elbows fall. Keep them in a very balance with the shoulder line, exactly as it is, and hold tight. Steady like steel. This steadiness will bring steadiness to you and your reward will be humongous. Unlimited! Just make you posture like steel. If you don’t move, or learn not to move, the whole world shall move with you. That is the correct way of success.”

TO END: Open your eyes and put your hands in Prayer Pose, palms together in front of the chest (balancing mudra). Inhale deep and hold the breath for 30 seconds. While you hold the breath press the palms together with the utmost power you have. Exhale. Repeat 4 more times, holding the breath 10 – 13 seconds each time. Relax.


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