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Meditation - To Get Rid of Fear and Split Personalities

The Master’s Touch, pp. 176-177) 

Posture: Sit on your heels in Rock Pose with a straight spine.

Focus: The tip of the nose.


Aadays Raise the arms up to 60 degrees.

Tisai Bring the arms parallel to the floor.

Aadays Arms up to 60 degrees.

Aad Arms parallel to the floor.

Aneel Repeat the above pattern as you continue...






The mantra is spoken in a continuous monotone. Each word is spoken

individually, with a slight pause between each word, except “Jug-jug”

which is run together as one word. Speak from the navel point. 

Mudra: Continue keeping the hands and elbows held straight out firmly, with no bend, fingers pointing straight forward, chin pulled slightly in and the spine straight. This is done in a precise beat, done with a projection of strength.

Time: Done in class for about 23 ½ minutes.

End: Inhale deeply, stretch the spine and hold for 10 seconds. Exhale. Repeat one more time. Relax. 

Comments: This Mudra will help you get rid of fear. Fear is the cause of emotional compensation — which is the cause of many personality imbalances and behavioral problems.

A normal person has anywhere from sixteen to twenty split personalities. These are personalities we have created to deal with life. When you are speaking with a person, you don’t know just who you are really talking to. This meditation will help to correct this problem.

The mantra is a salutation to the Infinite God. It is from the 30th Pauri of Japji. Its meaning is:

I salute God again and again. God is primal and pure, with unknown beginning, Who cannot be destroyed and Who remains the same through all the ages.”

 — Guru Nanak

With practice, this mantra can give you siddhis, spiritual powers. A secondary effect of this meditation is that by sitting on your heels, you can help to clear away any digestive problems.

Proceed with the practice of this meditation slowly. Do not over do it at first, as it can space you out too much!


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