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Rejuvenate in the Bath

Yogic First Aid to Eliminate Illness Before It Strikes

At the very first onset of any dis-ease, do this bathing kriya for a minimum of 3 nights.

In ancient times, if someone was not feeling well, they would soak cotton sheets in hot water then wrap that person in several layers of the hot sheets. Around this they wrapped another six to seven dry sheets. The person rested for two hours and sweated! The sheets would be filthy with the toxins that secreted from the skin.

Today, there is no one to help you do something like this. Instead, try the following:

1. Fill a tub with very hot water (as hot as you can take) and put a little waterproof pillow behind your neck.

2. Relax in the tub with the water up to your neck.

3. Begin pumping the navel point.

4. For a more powerful effect: inhale deeply, then exhale completely and keep the breath out, pump the navel 26 times; repeat this cycle for 15 minutes.

This puts your lymph system into high-speed, the hot water opens your tissues and the navel pumping pushes the lymph fluid through your body. The water will actually become dirty from the toxins released (but you will become totally clean). Digestive and skin problems will adjust. This can be practiced once each week for prevention, or when you feel an illness coming-on practice this for 3 consecutive days.


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