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Tofu - Fresh or Frozen?

Here are two ways to use tofu - fresh or frozen/thawed/squeezed (FTS). Use the fresh type when the dish calls for a soft or "mashed" tofu, such as baked tofu or tofu scrambled "eggs." The FTS method is best when you need very firm texture for the tofu, such as a stir-fry, tamale pie, etc. FTS style of tofu has hundreds of small holes making the tofu spongy, which is excellent because the tofu will carry all the flavors of your dish in those small holes.

To make FTS tofu simply put the entire package (usually 1 pound) of tofu in the freezer, overnight will work fine. Then remove the package and let thaw at room temperature about 10 hours. When thawed, open the package, remove the tofu, and place it onto a cutting board, where the board is angled into the sink. Then use the palm of your hand to slowly squeeze the tofu until most of the water has been removed. The resulting tofu is very easy to cut or tear into smaller pieces as needed for your dish.

As always, give a verbal "thank you" to the tofu for its gift. The food will taste better!


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