What should I bring to class?

Wear loose clothing or exercise clothes. It is best if you do not wear socks and you should also bring a bottle of water to drink.

KYL already has these items for student use but if you are going to a new studio and you don't know what they have available to use or rent, you should consider bringing an exercise pad or yoga mat, a pillow/cushion to sit on (or to prop your knees with) and a blanket to cover yourself with during deep relaxation. This ensures that you will have all of the necessary tools to help you enjoy your experience. Remember - you do not have to do anything perfectly in Kundalini Yoga. Just lean in the right direction and you'll still receive all of the benefits. If a posture is too difficult, just close your eyes and image that you are doing it perfectly as the mind really does not know the difference.


Kundalini Yoga in the Loop

Fine Arts Building (FAB)

410 South Michigan Avenue

Suite 514

Chicago, IL 60605



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