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The very land is steeped in spirituality, where many ancient practices were developed and perfected over 5,000 years ago. Simply walking the land can leave a profound and lasting imprint on your soul. To transform your life requires a journey which will change the way you view yourself and the world. This tour maintains all the comforts of home with the profound experience of India, allowing you to absorb the area's rich spiritual traditions while enjoying safe food, excellent lodging and the guidance of experienced staff.

India is geographically the size of Europe. There are 17 different languages with their own scripts. As a visit to France is not representative of visiting all of Europe, equally North India is vastly different in all respects to South India. The BBC has listed the Golden Temple and Taj Mahal as two of the top ten sites to visit in the world. Your fee includes breakfast daily, all 3 meals during your Ayurveda treatments, comfortable lodging, sacred ceremonies and English-speaking guides throughout the trip. Besides being outside of the yoga studio and visiting the great religious and cultural sites, and walking in the footsteps of the Masters, our tour also provides time for "shopping with Shakta" in the bazaars and partake in local customs and ceremonies.

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Golden Temple India
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